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In 2020 AD, after the advent of urbanization and the depopulation of the mountains, most of the centuries-old chestnut groves of Italy are abandoned. But not all: a small village in the Ligurian Alps, thanks to the tenacity of its inhabitants, resists abandonment. We look forward to seeing you every Sunday afternoon “On the Paths of the Chestnut Keepers”, a unique experience among Scau, centuries-old chestnut trees and breathtaking landscapes in the company of the village sherpa Simone Rossi, nature guide and hiking guide.


Pre-school and school age children, teenagers, adults, families, groups.

Opening period:

From March to September, every Sunday afternoon.

Visit Description:

Viola Castello preserves one of the areas where the chestnut fruit forest is most actively guarded. In fact, on its territory there is a surprising multitude of hectares of chestnut groves treated as in the past, which create a unique environment of great charm, in perfect balance between nature and centuries-old human work. And unique is also the density of traditional chestnut dryers still active, once widespread. The tour starts from the medieval chapel of San Giacomo and descends among chestnut groves of great landscape and naturalistic variety, between woods and gardens!

The visit ends in the Scau (drying room), a 19th century building in stone and wood completely renovated in 2018, where the drying process of the chestnuts is illustrated in accordance with the ancient tradition that, still today, takes place in the original drying room. At the end of the visit, a sinoira snack / tasting of the company’s products is offered.


About 4 hours.


30 euros including snack so far / tasting of the company’s products.

10 euros reduced rate for children up to 12 years.


info@marcobozzolo.com – 3388289845 (Marco)

Other activities:

The Marco Bozzolo farm is included in the Slow Food Travel circuits.

In our Grimaldo chestnut grove, the Geronimo Carbonò Cultural Association organizes in June / July the “Castagneto Acoustic”, a festival that embraces literature, art, music, dance and territory. On spring and summer weekends there are “Gymnastics in Castagneto” courses with postural operator Sebastiano Molinari.

While waiting to welcome you to the Borgo delle Castagne, we invite you to immerse yourself in the video “On the Trails of the Guardians of the Chestnuts”

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