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The Marco Bozzolo Farm is located in the Mongia Valley, a small valley next to the main Val Tanaro, which with its gentle slopes marks the transition from the Ligurian Alps to the hilly area of the Langhe.

It is located in the center of a natural amphitheater surrounded by mountains that have protected the valley from urbanization.
From a naturalistic point of view, Valle Mongia is characterized by large expanses of chestnut groves that cover over 60% of the soil, which makes the area particularly suited to the cultivation of chestnuts, so much so that it deserves the attribution of the brand by the European Union. of Protected Geographical Indication (“Castagna di Cuneo PGI”).

The company has about 15 ha, an area almost entirely invested with fruit chestnut trees, all subjected to organic farming and falling within the “Castagna di Cuneo PGI” production area. Most of the chestnut groves represent a nucleus historically cared for by the Bozzolo family, to which several old abandoned and now recovered chestnut groves have been added in recent years.

Our crops are located between 700 and 1000 meters above sea level, in an environment far from sources of industrial pollution. The choice to cultivate in a mountain context requires a greater commitment in primary activity and exposes us to the risk of natural alternation in production, but all this is to the advantage of the quality of our products.

Living in the mountains and accepting all the challenges (technical and logistical) that managing a company in an area characterized in recent decades by massive territorial abandonment means trying to combine in practice the sense of doing “good” agriculture, which does not only mean cultivate fields but also keep alive, renewing, a tradition.

We are aware that in this search for meaning, the small size of the company and its location in an area where a network of solidarity between small farmers still exists. It is these conditions that, in addition to making daily life interesting, leave free energy to devote to reflecting on what is being done and how it is done.

Marco Bozzolo Farm
Via Castello 59 – 12070 Viola (CN)
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VAT number: 03657460048