The best, ever.

Craftsmanship respecting the ancient tradition of drying the Garessina Chestnut


Castagna Garessina, whose name recalls the main municipality of the production area, is a white chestnut with a light straw color, excellent taste. In the opinion of connoisseurs, Garessina is the best dry chestnut ever.

This name includes several varieties roughly divided as follows:
– Seagull 85%
– Frattona 5%
– Ciapastra 3%
– Long plug 2%
– Other minors 5% (Stàvisò, Russoira, Rian de buire, etc.)

These varieties are grown in the Upper Tanaro Valley, Mongia Valley and Casotto Valley in soils rich in organic substance, generally free of limestone and with a sub-acid pH, which give the fruit its particular organoleptic characteristics.

The long drying process of our Garessine chestnuts still takes place today in the original drying room, a 19th century building in stone and wood completely renovated in 2018.

40 days of fire, 40 days of smoke, 40 days of magic. This is the secret recipe at the base of all our craftsmanship. The art of knowing how to wait. Because things done slowly, with love and with passion and dedication are the ones that come out best.

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