Marrons Glacés superior quality BOSSONI® 150g – 8pcs


    The chestnuts are grown in small quantities on young plants in our plots of Viola Castello at an altitude of almost 1000mt above sea level. This is a limited production (about 8 quintals per year). Much sought after, inside the peel they have whole fruits, with the film that does not penetrate the pulp and is therefore easy to remove when cleaning.

    The marron glacé are handcrafted in a process that lasts several days. You start by leaving the chestnuts immersed in water for more than a week to facilitate peeling. For the candying we rely on an artisan pastry that boils them with sugar and other natural flavors. The candying process also lasts several days. The glaze gives the chestnuts crunchiness and the typical translucent appearance.



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